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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, rainy and raw. a storm is pushing towards the tri state, set to pack a punch for the morning rush. police say it was murder. charges upgraded against a staten island mother accused of dumping her baby in the trash. two people and a dog stabbed hours apart in front of the same
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in both cases, victims were asked the same questions. people in the queens neighborhood say they are worried they could be next. ida siegal is in jackson heights with new information. >> reporter: one of the stabbing victims was just 16 years old. police tell me he was walking his dog down the street behind me on queens boulevard when two men came from behind and asked him, are you down with abk. he said no. and then he was stabbed in the back. are' looking at the hospital bed of a 16-year-old boy. his face deliberately cropped out of the photos by his mother. her son was stabbed in the back last night around 7:00. she spoke to our sister station in spanish over the phone. she says her son is very upset. he was caught by surprise last night while walking the dog. and in fact, police say the boy's dog was stabbed too.
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running after the attack on northern boulevard near 80th street, but it's unclear who they are. two men approached the victim and asked, are you down with abk. abk is a local queens gang. always banging kings. when he said no, they stabbed him. workers and local stores saw some of the aftermath. >> i walked outside. and we saw somebody like who was bleeding. >> reporter: was he saying anything? >> nah, he wasn't saying anything. >> reporter: but he was able to walk? >> yeah, he was trying to leave. >> reporter: police say two hours later at 9:00, they got the same call for the same location. this time, the victim was 23, and he, too, was approached by another man who said the same thing "are you down with abk", the victim said no, and he was stabbed in the back. >> it's hot. >> reporter: it's hot. meaning there's gang activity happening? >> yeah.
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16-year-old says she's terrified her son will be attacked again, and folks in the neighborhood are counting on the police to figure out what this gang is all about and stop them in their tracks. >> the police have to come and track down on the kids that are doing all these crazy things, because it's not getting any easier in new york city. >> reporter: both victims are in stable condition. police have not caught the alleged gang members who attacked them. reporting live from jackson york. new tonight, the nypd wants your help to find a group of men who attacked, beat and robbed a man in the brox nx, the attack happened thursday night near east 220th street and bronx park east on williams bridge. you see someone on the ground there, folks running away from the scene. police say the suspects knocked the 62-year-old victim off the
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until he was unconscious. then they stole his phone and cash before they ran off. a staten island mother now facing murder charges, accused of dumping her newborn in a garbage can outside her home. the charges were upgraded when the medical examiner determined the baby was alive before it was found in the bag. the infant found saturday morning outside her apartment. she has lived there with her family for several years, and they never thought something like this could happen. >> it's terrible. and i'm in shock. this is a very good neighborhood. >> the whole complex is pretty close, too. so for this to go unknown is interesting. >> investigators claim she said the infant was born at home. and then she disposed of it. she's going to be arraigned in the morning. we have new information tonight on a predator on the loose in brooklyn. police say he went after a woman
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building, pulling a knife on her and sexually assaulting her. michael george is in borough park where women are on edge after hearing about this. >> reporter: the victim was walking home late last night. and she made it as far as her apartment building, a place where she should have been safe, but someone was waiting for her. but police say the suspect may not have realized he was caught on surveillance camera. a sexual assault suspect on the loose. police say this is the man who attacked a woman in her own apartment lobby. >> that's insane. that's crazy. >> reporter: investigators say the 29-year-old victim was walking home just before midnight saturday. and when she entered her building's lobby, she ran into this man. he allegedly held a knife to her throat and sexually assaulted her. >> it's scary, especially being a woman and having a kid. she's a girl, so. >> reporter: the victim was rushed to the hospital. her attacker took off. police have yet to locate him, but they believe these surveillance photos may be their
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>> hoping, hoping to catch him. >> reporter: do you feel safe in this neighborhood? >> i've been living here my whole life, so i've never had a problem. >> reporter: the attack happened not far from a hospital. every night, doctors and employees walk these streets to and from work. they say they'll be taking extra precautions. >> just pay attention, makes me a little scared and nervous, because a lot of the hospital workers live in the area. we go home late. we come in late. >> reporter: the victim is reported to be in stable condition, but police still need help identifying the suspect. anyone with information is asked to call detectives. live in borough park, michael george. could be a dicey drive on many roads tomorrow. gusty winds and soaking rains could make it a miserable ride in to work. >> that's right, david, and a major change after the pleasant weather we've had. rain already moving in on this sunday evening.
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city, but north and west of town we are seeing steadier showers beginning to fill in. you can see rain extending all the way from the midwest to the great lakes and northeast. the heaviest rain still off to the south and west. you can see around washington, d.c., central p.a., will track towards our region, just as you're heading out toward the morning commute, so your monday planner is a wet one and a chillier one. tomorrow we are stuck in the 40s. it's windy and wind chills are in the 20s and 30s. pack your umbrellas. i'll tell you how long the rain will last in your full forecast in just a few. remember to wake up with today in new york starting at 4:30 for an update on the stormy conditions, with your weather and traffic on the 4s. in west chester, dive teams ended a difficult search today in the hudson, unable to find
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on board a tugboat when it hit a bridge yesterday. they are hoping to find the crew member still missing tonight. >> the conditions are really lousy under the water. very poor visibility. very high currents. >> a tough job for dive teams out on the hudson today. crews ended their rescue and recovery mission one day after a tugboat hit a stationary construction barge near the sooid site where a new bridge is being built, sending three crew members into the water. earlier today, crews found the body of timothy conklin of west bury, long island on the sunken boat. he wasn't wearing a life vest. >> i spent some time with the conklin family, which is obviously still in shock. when we were chatting yesterday, you tend to hope against hope, even when it's improbable. it it. >> reporter: crew member paul amen was pulled from the water shortly after yesterday's
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remember harry hernandez of staten island is still missing. west chester executive rob asterino says the goal now is to get the boat out of the water. >> we're presuming the body is in there, but we don't know. the boat was one of three pushing a barge when it crashed. it looks to be a bur accident pure accident. >> there were reports that there was a radio transmission that said we too close, we have to move left. but they couldn't move in time. >> now as crews work to get the boat out of the water in the coming days, they'll continue cleaning up an estimated 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel that leaked into the hudson. private contractors are on site working to absorb all that oil. a police officer in maryland was shot and killed outside his department's headquarters. he was fatally wounded when two suspects opened fire just
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county headquarters. one of the suspects was also injured in the exchange of gunfire and is now in stable condition the second suspect later arrested after running from the scene. the department says this attack was unprovoked. >> an unwarranted, unprovoked attack on our police officers, at a police station. absolutely unprecedented and unacceptable. >> officer kol coalson was a veteran and undercover narcotics officer. al qaeda is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack in a beach resort town on the ivory coast. officials say 14 civilians and two security forces were killed when gunmen opened fire near three hotels. the six attackers were also killed. it happened in a popular destination for locals and tourists. the state department says there's no evidence that any americans were injured in that
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still ahead on news 4 new york, the final report into that german wings crash that killed all 150 on board last year. plus, a political endorsement on a police cruiser lands a connecticut cop in trouble with his own department. what they're saying about this tonight. and millions still under flash flooding across four states. up next, we'll take a closer
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now to decision 2016. and today protesters hit the streets rallying in new york city against donald trump. protesters marched from herald square to the u.n., urging voters to choose a more peaceful candidate. trump rallies were quiet after several days of violent outbursts. today on "meet the press", donald trump blamed bernie sanders. >> they weren't really protesters. they were disrupters. they were like professionals. they had bernie sanders signs all over the place. >> everybody who understands donald trump's campaign knows that he tells the truth very, very rarely, and i'm afraid he's lying this time. >> trump is ahead in primaries tuesday, according to a new nbc wall street journal maris poll. he's just slightly trailing in
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hillary clinton widening her lead over sanders in florida, illinois illinois and ohio. in hartford, connecticut, controversy over a donald trump sticker in a police cruiser, and this quickly spread on social media. here's what we're talking about. a passerby recently captured a picture of a logo that was often a work laptop on full display in the car's front seat. many people agreed no matter the candidate public employees need to think twice about displaying political support. >> his own private life off duty, yes. but not as an employee. >> anybody has a right to their own opinion. i personally don't think i wouldn't do it. >> hartford police say as soon as they learned of the image, they quickly went to work to
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the officer was counseled on the importance of remaining neutral and impartial. some 2 million people in four southern states face the threat of dangerous flooding tonight. president obama has signed an emergency proclamation for louisiana. widespread flooding has damaged thousands of homes. hundreds more are under water in tennessee and arkansas. one woman left to return to find her basement under water. >> we will survive. we've got people to help us and everything. >> it's pretty bad. hopefully it won't get worse, but it doesn't look good. >> one small town on the louisiana/texas border has been completely cut off by floodwaters. the only way out is by boat other helicopter. >> several commutes, we'll take a look at that. but the rain is already moving in this evening, starting to see light rain.
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a big change compared to what we had over the weekend. temperatures were above average. we're going below average for your monday. we do have better weather on the horizon. once the rain is gone, things are looking up. today's high temperatures were delightful, weren't they? mid-60s at jfk. these were about 15 degrees above average. i do hope you enjoyed them. because we're going way down tomorrow, and you'll definitely feel the difference. right now, slipping away temperature wise. still in the 50s in new jersey. rain falling in high point. in newburgh, 50 degrees. tracking rain in northwest new jersey and orange county, you're starting to see showers around the warwick area. and back towards vernon in northwest new jersey. the main storms located across the midwest, low pressure spinning now, moving into michigan.
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east throughout the next 24 hours, and it is a slow mover, so we will be stuck with rain in our forecast for quite some time. this is 8:00. this is your monday morning commute, and it's a wet one. showers already moving in. light to moderate showers from new york city down the jersey shore. umbrellas will be needed for sure. showers continue all along the tri state, light to moderate. not much change here, windy, raw, and the rain continues to fall around 6:00. mainly light to moderate showers. tuesday morning, still wet in some spots, new york city east. we see gradual improving conditions, and maybe some clearing by the end of the day there, but it does take until tuesday afternoon/evening to get there. it's all about the feel tomorrow. this is what it's going to feel like. wind chill values back to the 30s and 40s.
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36 in nanuet. and of so so yeah, you'll need those jackets. have them ready to go along with the umbrellas. 45 is your high temperature. does not feel like 45. things improve gradually. really in the clear by wednesday, back to above average toward the end of the week with temperatures in the 60s, st. patrick's day looking mainly dry. it has been nearly a year since a co-pilot intentionally crashed a germanwings plane into the alps, killing everyone on board. today there is a change in patient confidentiality rules for pilots. he was referred to a psychiatric hospital two weeks before the crash. on the day of the crash lubitz was on two anti-depressants and
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he hid his condition from employers. in turkey, at least 34 people are dead, killed in the capital city of ankara when a car bomb went off at a bus stop. it's the latest in a wave of violence targeting civilians, richard engel has more from istanbul. we want to warn you the images may be disturbing. >> reporter: turkish firm officials have described this as a massive car bomb. and it happened right in the center of the city at a transportation hub. >> translator: the car came near to us. ten seconds later, the seats in the bus flew, following explosions. a piece of metal crashed in to me. >> reporter: it happened just before 7:00 this evening, at a time when many would be at this. >> translator: transportation hub. there could have been a possible
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it's unclear if the warning from the u.s. government was connected to today's blast, but you can't make those assumptions assumptions, because there have been so many bombing attacks. three bombings, just in ankara in less than six months. it's gotten to the point that when people in this city hear that there's been another terrorist attack, they're no longer responding with shock and surprise, but more the questions of who was responsible. and there are two main groups that people point to, either the kurdish militants who've been fighting against the turkish government in the south and in the east, or of course, isis, which has been using turkey as its main transit hub into syria for the last several years. richard engel, nbc news, istanbul istanbul. back here at home the search is on for a man who allegedly abducted his son in connecticut before drop him off at a home in queens.
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yesterday and took off with his 7-year-old son. the incident triggered an amber alert until the boy was found safe in jamaica. he also took several thousand dollars of cash and jewelry from his estranged wife. up next, who gave a little help with a special delivery. also ahead. a 50 year old murder case gone cold suddenly heats up. now a new twist from facebook? >> i said to my husband, oh, my god, it's him. >> the i-team investigates. >> coming up. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. a new york state trooper in the right place at the right time helped to bring a new life into the world. the trooper was patrolling on i-84 when he saw a honda exit the u turn. he called 911. but you can guess, the trooper helped deliver a healthy baby girl named emma. the mother and baby are okay. fantastic to hear tonight. >> great story. john chandler here. let the games begin. >> i've only gone through three
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i've ripped them up already. the ncaa tournament is sit. let's start with the big east champs, seton hall, the pirates celebrated tonight, learning they're a sixth seate ed. they'll play gonzaga. >> it's great, we have a very loyal fan base. it's been a tough 23 years. to get them back in the championship, back in the dance is exciting. >> exciting for the sea wolves of stony brook as well. they draw might eye y kentucky. thursday night in iowa. they finished 26-6 this season. how about the knights of fairley dickinson. they'll play against florida
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it's the first game of the ncaa tournament. the winner plays north carolina. and finally, the gales face number four, iowa state, thursday afternoon in denver. if are' looking for an upset, their is a this is a very winnable game. english is averaging 22.4 points per game. the team iona beat, monmouth, one of the biggest snubs of the night. still can't believe monmouth didn't get in. we will dive into the brackets on sport the final.
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